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Sustainability: Using Best Festival & Decor Products...!

Sustainable lifestyle is not just about the small green lifestyle interventions in our daily life. In India traditional crafts & art by design are eco friendly & Sustainable. In Villages eco-friendly products are part of their day to day life as well like using local grass for creating different type of baskets, using bamboo & other Natural fibres n ingredients for the storage & usage. With modern exposure, these crafts are gradually being designed for the contemporary lifestyle. These kinf or crafts makes excellent gifting & décor options. Now a days artisans are  making various artifacts which are relevant for various festivals & its rituals.  

Bamboo & Palm leaf Rakhis - Bamboo Rakhi is made from "Kaccha Bamboo" or "Raw Bamboo". The strips are peeled off and woven together into different shapes and sizes.

Sabai Grass based wall plates - Handmade by tribals from Odisha, Been weaved using natural jute fiber (Sutali) as thread, Can come in different colours, the thread can be coloured, Easy to maintain, washable and stains can be cleaned easily by washing.

Palm Leaf & Cloth llanterns

Wooden Tlights

Bamboo Lamps

Bamboo & Grass Boxes & Baskets

Sabai Grass Bags 

Sustainability can be a big and overwhelming topic. Each one of us has to thing what can one do at your own capacity , to help create a more sustainable world.

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