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Meet The Team

Truly Tribal

Shweta Menon


Welcome to Truly Tribal! I am Shweta Menon, the proud founder and owner of this esteemed social enterprise, committed to restoring and promoting India's long-lost art forms. With a passion for preserving our rich cultural heritage, I embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between today's consumer needs and the incredible talent of our tribal artists.

Drawing inspiration from my roots in India and a deep appreciation for traditional art, I established Truly Tribal with a vision to empower artisans and uplift their families through innovative digital initiatives. As a firm believer in the transformative power of art, I strive to make exquisite handicrafts and paintings easily accessible at affordable rates, reaching a wider audience and providing consistent work to these skilled craftsmen.

My journey in art and culture has been fueled by a desire to create meaningful connections between the modern world and the timeless beauty of our tribal and folk art forms. Collaborating with corporate and interior designers, we explore new ideas and designs, fostering creativity and innovation while preserving the essence of traditional art.

I am grateful to be part of this meaningful mission, celebrating the diverse cultural value of India's heritage and offering artistic solutions for homes, businesses, and gifts. When you purchase from Truly Tribal, you acquire beautiful handmade items and contribute to the preservation and recognition of local and tribal craftsmen, securing their art and culture for generations to come.

Join me on this remarkable journey as we support talented artists, promote India's cultural legacy, and together, positively impact traditional artisans' lives. Let's discover the beauty of handcrafted treasures and create a brighter future for these skilled communities.

Thank you for being a part of Truly Tribal's inspiring endeavour.


Warm regards,
Shweta Menon

Our Artisans

We celebrate the skilled hands and creative minds behind the exquisite handcrafted treasures that define our brand. Our artisans, often hailing from generations of craftsmanship, bring stories to life through their art. We take pride in the diversity of our talented artisans, each contributing a unique perspective to our collective journey.

Among our artisans, we are honoured to have National/State Award winners & and Shilp Gurus whose exceptional skills and dedication have been recognized on a national scale. These artisans, with their mastery over traditional crafts, play a pivotal role in preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage that our products embody.

Every creation is a testament to the passion and craftsmanship of our artisans. By choosing Truly Tribal, you not only acquire a piece of art but also become a part of the larger narrative, supporting these artisans in their pursuit of excellence. Explore the profiles of our artisans and discover the stories behind the art that graces your spaces.


Apindra Swain

Pattachitra Artist


Kaushal Tekam

Gond Artist


Kandy Anjanappa

Thollu Bomallu Artist


Remant Kumar Mishra

Madhubani Artist


Sanjay Subhash Sangle

Warli Artist


Dinesh Shyam

Gond Artist


Yogesh Saini

Pichwai Artist

246 (1).png

Bisnu Prasad Acharya

Palm Leaf / Peepli Artist


Elyazudduin Siddique

Channapatna Artist


Gulrukh Begum

Lakh Artist


Vijay Joshi

Phad Artist


Meenakshi Walke

Bomboo Artist


Gulapi Jhara

Dokra Artist


Vijay Shyam

Gond Artist

246 (13).png

Subhash Poyam

Loh Shilp

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