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Sustainable Lifestyle: Make Better World!!!

What do we understand about a sustainable lifestyle?

In modern times, Our wrong lifestyle changes are making the wrong kind of impact on the environment. From not being mindful of our own food waste to relying on single-use plastic items, we are not as conscious as we should be of our environmental imprint & joint health. In all this rush we somewhere forgot that one of the more common life goals is to make a lasting impact on the world for the better and use available natural resources optimally. Collectively as humans, we are slowly creating a less hospitable planet for future generations.

Sustainable living means how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and finding ways for everyone to live better and lighter. A sustainable lifestyle is a way of living that strengthens your health, supports other people's well-being and protects the environment. Applying a ‘people lens’ to sustainability and developing our own green guide at home is the first step in the way forward.

Sure, it may seem like your single impact is small, relative to the problem. It’s true – it is! It is our collective effort, however, that is what truly makes an impact. So here are a few suggestions from our

1. Using Bamboo Brushes instead of Plastic brushes.Bamboo toothbrushes are the greatest plastic toothbrush substitute. There are a few reasons why bamboo brushes are preferable to plastic brushes. The most persuasive reason is that bamboo is far more environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a naturally fast-growing plant that can thrive in arid environments. This means you won't have to worry about running out of material.

2. Carry your own bag

Using one-time plastic bags is one major menace. So it is important to carry our own bags will save a huge amount of single plastic bags. You can always use regular cloth bags or some ethnic bags which can make a fashion statement

3. Cut out Sigle use plastic cutlery - Bamboo Straws instead of Plastic ones. Pattal- plant leaf plates are easy to access and Biodegradable alternative of plastic Disposable plates.

4. Reuse - Reusing any plastic product will save you money and it will help environment as well that it will reduce the manufacturing of plastic of same grade .

5. Reduce - Say no to disposable plastic cutlery, plastic straws and other single-use plastics. Avoid plastics that cannot be recycled if other alternatives exist. Avoid products with excess or unnecessary plastic packaging. Adopt reusable items such as water bottles, shopping bags, keep cups and travel cutlery. Paper seed pencils & Pen available at truly tribal are also good option that you use product and then grow a plant.

6. Recycle - Recycling the plastic product will lesser the manufacturing of product in the same grade that will definitely for reducing use of plastic. Paper diaries available at trulytribal are recyclable paper diaries in elegant design. Recycle is the process which can help in all the ways to less use of natural resources.

7. Walk/Cycle a short distance instead use of vehicle, This will also improve your fitness and help in reducing carbon emission in environment.

8. Prefer Organic Food - Eating organic food help you get in shape and improves your routine care.

Sustainability can be a big and overwhelming topic. Each one of us has to think about what can do in our own capacity, to help create a more sustainable world.

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