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Navratri Colors 2022: The Meaning of the Nine Days of Navratri Colors 2022

India observes the Hindu holiday of Navratri twice a year. It is observed during Sharada (October to November) and Chaitra (March–April). Each of these months, there is a festival called Navratri, which translates to "nine nights" in Sanskrit. To commemorate these nine days, nine different colors, known as Navratri, are chosen, each with a special meaning.

There are numerous ways to celebrate Navratri all around the nation. The triumph of the Hindu goddess Kali/Durga is the central theme of Navratri. Many women throughout the nation adore Navratri. During these nine days of the Navratri celebration, they fast, prepare special food and drinks, and dress up to visit their family and friends.

The nine colors of Navratri are listed below. People will think highly of you if you wear one of these Navratri colors every day until the festival is over.

If you're curious about the Navratri dates, Sharada Navratri 2022 is planned to start on September 26 and end on October 4. The following Chaitra Navratri festival will be observed between March 21 and March 30, 2023.

9 Navratri Colors & Meaning in 2022

The Nine Colors of Navratri are presented here in the sequence they intended to be observed.

Navratri Colors - Flower-Decorated Navratri Mandir

White Colorful Mandir Decoration for Navratri:

Flowers are the greatest technique to decorate the Navratri Mandir because white is the first Navratri Day color. You can use white Tulip flowers to decorate your Navratri Mandir since white is the first color of Sharad Navratri. The wall behind your mandap can be adorned with lovely white flowers.

Mandir Decoration in Red for Navratri:

Day Two The gorgeous color of Navratri is red. Because of its vibrancy, the color red is frequently linked to the goddess or deva. You can use fresh flowers to adorn your Navratri mandir.

Day 3 of the Royal Blue Navratri Mandir Decoration

The color of Navratri is royal blue. Using the blue Navratri motif, your Navratri decorations can seem bright and happy. Flowers are necessary for decoration, as we already stated. Bring in beautiful blue orchids to inaugurate the first of Navratri's ten days in 2022. In addition, you can add blue orchid details behind the idols to make a jail background.

Navratri Day Four Color Mandir Decoration: Day 4.

Day 4 of Navratri is the color yellow. A wonderful Navratri décor option is marigold flowers. Marigold flowers are known to attract the main deity, and they also make excellent Navratri mandir decorations. You might decorate the mandir with marigold flowers and a floating lamp.

Day 5's Navratri color.

The traditional Navratri Mandir Decoration concept employing Ashoka/mango leaves is an option for Day 5's Navratri color. Mango leaves and marigold flowers can be used to make torans. At the entrance to the mandir, they will be hanged.

Grey Grey is the color of Day 6 of Navratri in 2022.

Create the mandap utilizing mirror work cloth rather than grey for the mandir's adornment. Your Navratri-mandir decoration will have a vivid yet understated appearance as a result.

Orange Mandir Decoration in Navratri Colors:

Tangy orange is the Navratri color for day 7. For Navratri Day 7, construct a lengthy garland of marigold flowers in shades of orange and yellow to resemble a temple.

Day 8 of Navratri is Peacock Green.

Peacock Green is the Sharad Navratri color for Day 8. Here is another suggestion for Navratri décor: Peacock feathers are perfect for a mandap!

Pink Navratri Day 9

Color Beautiful Pink is the Navratri color of 2022. Utilizing pink and opposing Navratri colors, create some DIY wall hangings and handicrafts. This will add artistic flair to your Navratri Mandir decorations.

Day 1 Navratri 2022 Colors: White

The first Navratri color you should adore is white. Many people love this calm and quiet color. The goddess Brahmacharini represents devotion and fidelity. The goddess is shown carrying a waterpot and a rosary in each hand. Decorate your home with flowers like jasmine and white lotus on this day. Visit loved ones and friends wearing white.

Day 2 of Navratri 2022 Colors: Red

The most potent hue is red. Navratri's nine hues Goddess Kali is connected with the color red. It stands for ferocity, force, and strength. Chandraghanta, the goddess, is honored on this day. You may use red to design your home in a variety of ways. Decorating your home with vibrant red flowers or serving red-hued fruits as prasad are two ways to honor the strength and beauty of the color red. The glamour can be increased by wearing red cosmetics.

Day 3 of Navratri in 2022 Colors: Royal Blue

This is one of the nine Navratri colors that people enjoy the best. The most common color is royal blue. This is the third day's Navratri color. Because the goddess Kushmanda (also known as Ashtabhuja Deva) has eight hands, this color is used to praise her. She is known by the term Warmth Energy + Cosmic Egg, and it's said that her smile is what started the cosmos. It is thought that worshipping the Navratri goddess in blue hues can enhance your well-being, prosperity, vigor, and strength.

Happy Navaratri Day 4 Color 2022: Yellow

Yellow is portrayed in Hinduism as the color of wisdom and understanding. During this festival, this Navratri color 2022 is honored with tremendous enthusiasm. The goddess Skandmata, the mother of Lord Karthikeya (Muruga), is shown as wearing this color. Make sure you utilize Haldi today (turmeric). Turmeric can be used in cooking, on the skin, and even during prayer.

Happy Navratri Day 5 Color 2022: Green

The festival of Navratri is a great time to wear green. It stands for fresh starts, expansion, and fertility. Mother Nature's color and Katyayani, the goddess, are associated with this hue. If you didn't know, she is the goddess who vanquished Mahisasuran. On the sixth day, everyone should dress in green to be blessed by her goddess.

Happy Navratri Colors Day 6 in 2022: Grey

You've been reading about the vivid colors of Navratri 2022. Now it's time to move on to something more peculiar: the color grey. It has a refined and elegant hue. Grey is often used to acknowledge the goodness of Kalaratri. She is the goddess Parvati's eighth incarnation and is revered as the world's ultimate killer of evil. Many people think Kali and Kalaratri might be the same thing. This has not been verified. Wearing grey is still OK, and you can pray to the goddess to remove all evil.

Happy Navratri Day 7 Color: Orange

In the list of Navratri colors, orange is a very distinctive hue. This color is incredibly enticing with its brilliant beauty. It should be no surprise that it is listed top of the colors. Orange is linked to fire and warmth. When honoring Goddess Shailputri's birthday, you should wear orange and adorn your puja space with orange flowers.

Happy Navratri Color for Day 8 in 2022 is Peacock Green.

The ninth Navratri hue, this one signifies the conclusion of the festivities. Goddess Siddhidhatri is honored on this day. The terms "supernatural power" (siddhi) and "provider" (Khatri) are synonymous. She is the one who endows people with magical abilities. She endows humans with mystical abilities. Peacock green is a beautiful color to dress up in on the ninth day.

Pink is the Day 9 Vibrant Navratri Color of 2022.

One of the Navratri colors used to honor the goddess Mahagauri is pink. People worship Goddess Mahagauri, Durga's manifestation, to get relief from their suffering. The color pink symbolizes wisdom and harmony. Wear your most exquisite pink Navratri clothing today.

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Other Navratri Activities Besides Wearing Navratri Colors 2022

You now know what to wear for each day of Navratri. These are only a handful of the additional pursuits you can engage in or adhere to throughout the nine-day event.

Give your god and the people around your water. It's crucial to remember this during Chaitra Navratri (which takes place in summer).

Fasts should be observed, if possible. Fasting can assist your body get clean and improve your health. Get your puja room ready. You can utilize Navratri colors to decorate the deity and the puja rooms. Spicy, oily, and fatty foods should not be consumed while fasting. These days, it is also scientifically proven that your body is being cleansed.

Sum Up: Happy Navratri Colors 2022

Based on the nine-day devotion of many deities, Navratri colors are used. Embracing these colors and discussing your opinions with others is enjoyable. Encourage your friends and family to participate. By buying clothing that adheres to the Navratri regulations' use of the nine colors, you can include your kids in the celebrations.

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