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Indian Art Forms: A Unique Way To Represent.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Madhubani is a traditional art form used in Bihar. Interestingly, this art form was also recently used by the Indian Railways to beautify its train coaches. Indian Railways recently decorated the coaches of the Bihar Sampark Kranti Express train with Madhubani paintings.

United Nations India posted an image of an Indian Railways coach painted with Madhubani on its Twitter handle, praising the effort and calling the train beautiful. The tweet praised women from Bihar who painted the train coaches in the traditional Mithila art form – also known as Madhubani – using fingers, matches, tigs and brushes with natural colors and pigments.

Bihar Sampark Kranti Express, Janasadhan Express, as well as Rajdhani Express are also being painted with beautiful traditional artworks of the state. Twenty-two coaches of the Patna Rajdhani Express have been decorated with this artwork. Hailing from the Mithila region of Bihar, the mesmerizing Madhubani artwork is known for its unique geometric patterns to create colorful and attractive paintings.

The idea of ​​decorating Indian Railways with Madhubani art started at Madhubani railway station in Bihar and soon other railway stations in Patna, Danapur and Rajendra Nagar would follow the trend.

Warli Transformation: During the lockdown period

Tulsi Patel, a drawing teacher working in a school in Surat, moved to her village in a neighboring district during the lockdown. This couple has decorated their village house very well.

Pathakwadi village in Tapi district, about 80 kilometers from Surat in Gujarat, is attracting tourists these days. The 400-500 families living in the village are surprised by the presence of the local media in their small village.

The village recently came into limelight after pictures of a house decorated with Warli paintings were shared on Facebook and circulated on WhatsApp. Patel, a drawing teacher by profession, and his wife Preeti took full advantage of the lockdown by decorating the walls of their house with Warli paintings.

In Photo, you will see a warning of coronavirus. “I couldn't decide what to draw for a long time,” says Patel. The coronavirus was in the air. The situation was worse in Surat. There were many positive cases. Also, the lockdown was being implemented very strictly in my village. We couldn't even get out. So, started drawing things happening around us.

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