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Christmas in Indian Context

Christmas is praised to recollect the introduction of Jesus Christ, who Christians accept is the Son of God.

The name 'Christmas' comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass help (which is here and there called Communion or Eucharist) is the place where Christians recollect that Jesus passed on for themselves and afterward returned to life. The 'Christ-Mass' help was the one, in particular, that was permitted to happen after nightfall (and before dawn the following day), so individuals had it at Midnight! So we get the name Christ-Mass, abbreviated to Christmas.

Christmas is presently celebrated by individuals all over the planet, whether or not they are Christians. It's when loved ones meet up and recollect the beneficial things they have. Individuals, and particularly youngsters, likewise like Christmas as it's the point at which you give and get presents!


However there are numerous understandings, the conventional story behind Christmas festivities is that guardians of Jesus Christ - Joseph and Mary, arrived at the city of Bethlehem, yet had no spot to remain thus they were restricted to a steady or shed where Jesus was conceived. Furthermore, this conventional account is called - The Nativity of Jesus.

Christmas is praised in various structures across more than 160 countries and among billions of individuals. Generally, Christmas enrichment starts with - enhancement of the house with stars, brilliant lights, a Christmas tree, and the Crib. Christmas festivity is then trailed by the readiness of cakes and treats. Individuals additionally sing Christmas ditties (melodies) communicating their delight and satisfaction, inviting Jesus Christ.

Christmas in India

Indian culture accepts almost everything with wide arms open. The same goes for Christmas as well. Christians make up somewhat more than 2% of India's populace, however a much greater number of us observe Christmas. Here, it might not be about celebrating the birth of Jesus like every other country abroad, But here the idea of Christmas is all about spending holiday time with your family & Friends, spending quality time together that people might miss during the non-festive months of course.

Historically India has always embraced various aspects like food , traditions , beliefs of the different incoming cultures in day-to-day life, which gradually became a part of Indian culture. Christmas is no different. So, the bottom line of celebrating Christmas in India is cutting across the various cultural restrictions and living up to its most famous trait – “Unity in Diversity”. It is not bound to any specific religion or a sect, but rather Indians now celebrate it for the sake of togetherness, happiness, and being content.

The primary hint of the serious Christmas deal came from early television days in India by its state-run TV channel - Doordarshan. These were by means of short news clasps of noon masses and Christmas celebrations across the world, yet they struck and stuck as just minuscule clasps from those clasp starved occasions could. They affirmed the thing the reading material said about the suffering and worldwide significance of Jesus' message, however the main focal point from them was something different: that Christmas was fun and cosmopolitan. Gradually the influx of small cultures and people traveling across the globe has made people more aware about this festival and brought its festivities more closure to home. Digital media outreach has further deepened its relevance for Indian people.

Today So many people, irrespective of their religion, follow various Christmas traditions like keeping a Christmas Tree, Stocking, Gifting, Food, family get-togethers etc. In case we were better educated and less demure individuals, there would be mistletoe around as well. Secret Santa is played by various people, Organizations build up and collect the season's disposition, Shopping centers deck up, Exceptional food menus reach inboxes, Garments and shop windows get the red-white-green range and so on.

It is said that an eternal influence depth can be measured in by the fact that how it is influencing the historical & old traditional practices & arts and craft of the native communities. Today, the festival of Christmas has influenced not just the people of India, but has made its way into their art forms as well. Gradually, the Indian artists are now more inclined to creating Christmas decor products during the season ensuring that the buzz is maintained throughout.


ndian crafts, which traditionally have more local themes have adopted these new Christmas themes. Can you imagine a Christmasgreeting card in a Madhubani or Pattachitra art style ? Or having the artisans who have been traditionally making wooden toys, also churning out the products which are relevant in the Christmas context, e.g. Christmas Tree décor, wall hanging, fridge magnets etc. The doll making community in various sectors also started crafting Jesus' family using their craft. The artisans making metal artifacts have also introduced Christmas themes votives, Tealight holders, Candle-vases, Coasters, pen stands, and whatnot!

We, at Truly Tribal are also celebrating the month of December marking the ‘Indian Christmas’ as well. Check out our ‘shop’ section to look out for our Christmas collection that comprises wine bottle cork, fridge door magnets, and so much more.

Follow this space for more interesting updates in the future. Toodles!!!

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