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Why Us

Established in 2015, Truly Tribal has come along all this way, inspiring pure forms of various types of tribal/ folk/ traditional arts present across this diverse land of India. As a social enterprise, we aim to reach even the most difficult terrains making sure that no forms of creativity go in vain. Truly Tribal, which once started with just 2 artists & 3 art forms in the beginning, is now home to 20+ traditional art forms, and a big fat family of 100+ eminent artisans across the country. Most of the artists we are working with are award-winning performers leading the teams in their specific niche.

We offer ease of cooperation along with a huge range of products to choose from. We also eliminate the hustle that one might face while ordering multiple varieties from multiple vendors. Here, you can get each and every available art form of India under one roof.

One Stop Shop

with more then 20+ traditional arts & crafts of India under single umbrella,  We are a one stop place for all your handcrafted gifts & decor needs. from various kind of paintings to handpainted decors & gifts for any occasions, we have it all


Directly from Traditional Artisans

We work with traditional artisans from different parts of India. We work with heritage craft artisans belonging to their tribe, community and villages, not the hobby artist. Most of our artisans are either certified by tribal affairs ministry on India or hold artisans card. 
Idea is to not just promote the art, give these artisans enough work so that they do not leave this line of artwork

Genuine & authentic art

At Truly Tribal, we promise our patrons authenticity of each and every product they purchase from us. Since we are working directly with the genuine Indian artists spread across the country, all our crafts and other products are purely handmade, and there is no involvement of any kind of machinery, which makes us highly satisfied presenting ourselves as an organization doing something for the social cause!


Professional Approach

Working with the genuine and authentic artists comes with a determined professional approach towards the work. We make sure to meet your requirements prior deadlines not wasting your precious time and money. So, yes we are a platform you can definitely invest in!


Customised Indian Art

With our customised services, we infuse tribal art in your lifestyle & home/office decors as per your requirement. Our unique, customizable tribal handicrafts bring a novelty in the corporate & social gifting space, suitable for any occasion & need. Our interior design solutions give you amazing custom sculptures & theme based paintings/ wall decors in tribal art forms.

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