Gond Art on the Wall

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Painted Stories’ is what the tribal art form of the Pardhan Gond’s is popularly known as. The Gond art rendezvous with the belief that "viewing a good image begets good luck". This inherent belief led the Gonds to decorating their houses and the floors with traditional tattoos and motifs. Originally painted as symbols of good fortune on the walls of the Gond dwellings, this fabulous art-form, with uniquely contemporary expression in brilliant acrylic hues, though has now available on paper & canvas; the beauty of the art on its original form of i.e. on the wall is unmatched.

Gond art resonates with a culturally distinctive ethos thus their subject extends from myths and folklores to images of daily life - not only from what exists but also much that is drawn from dreams, memory and imagination. Gond paintings are a reflection of man’s close connection with his natural surroundings.This form of art therefore represents their folklore or songs and their Digna paintings in a new transformed modern context.

From a wall in your drawing room to a boundary wall in your courtyard; from corridors/reception area of corporates to conference halls; from Banquet halls to Outside walls; our artist can do it all.

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