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Indulge in the allure of tradition and artistry with our exquisite handpainted Pichwai dupattas. Each piece is a canvas of intricate craftsmanship, depicting timeless narratives and vibrant hues that resonate with the rich culture of India.


Artistic Narratives: Our Pichwai dupattas carry the essence of the celebrated Pichwai art form, renowned for its devotion to depicting divine stories and cultural heritage.

Captivating Detail: Every brushstroke captures the devotion and precision of skilled artisans, ensuring that each dupatta is a masterpiece in itself.

Thoughtful Expression: Whether as a gift or a personal indulgence, our handpainted Pichwai dupattas convey a thoughtful appreciation for art and culture.

Sustainable Craft: Crafted with eco-conscious methods and ethically sourced materials, our dupattas echo the harmony between traditional techniques and modern sensibilities.

Fashion with a Story: Effortlessly complement your attire with these versatile dupattas, each carrying a story of tradition and elegance.

Explore the realm of handcrafted beauty and cultural heritage through our handpainted Pichwai dupattas, available exclusively at Truly Tribal.

Hand-painted Pichwai Dupatta (Cotton Silk)

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