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Art in the times of CORONA

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

ike they say “Adversaries create opportunities” and this challenging time is no different. It has given new opportunities to artists to reinvent their art and creatively lift these art forms and newer means to reach out to a larger audience. We need to have a long-term view with a short-term plan, focused on humanity and creative problem-solving. Indian-ARTATHON is a step towards that.

Indian-ARTATHON is an initiative where we are working on innovative ways to expose these artisans to new opportunities.

We aim to support artisans by creating alternative means of livelihood, collaborating with them for new product & service ideas, and helping them go digital.

Another major objective is to create awareness about these traditional Indian art forms & the artisan communities and let the world know more about the art and connect the world to these artisan communities.

Art & Artist Feature

Here we are documenting various traditional Indian art forms heritage and the immensely talented artisans in various videos. These are published on our YouTube channel -

Live Artist interactions

We are enabling these artisans and the rest of the world to interact with each other using various social media platforms like FB Live, Insta Live, WhatsApp, Zoom, Google meet.

Health & Safety Awareness

Artisans have been very active in creating various awareness campaigns with their art like creating paintings on various messages like - “Stay Home – Stay Safe”, hygiene awareness, Messages from the Prime Minister, etc.

Online Masterclass

Learn from the award-winning artisans & master craftsmen from the comfort of your home. This is a complete experience where one not only learns to make your own masterpiece under the guidance of these master craftsmen but also gets a peek into the art history, traditions, even some glimpses of the life of the craftsmen. The traditional art forms like Madhubani, Phad, Pattachitra, Saura, Warli, Gond, etc. are being taught by the master craftsmen. Some glimpses of the workshop creation.


Creating various products which are relevant in these times like Hand Painted Madhubani Masks, Hand-painted Pattachitra Mask, Organic Masks, Handcrafted standing sanitizer dispenser and so on. These are safety precaution with a fashion statement and also support our local economy – Vocal for Local

Hand-painted Masks: These colorful, cotton double-layered masks are hand-painted with different Madhubani art. Comes in 2 styles with string & With elastic.

Organic Masks

These colorful, cotton double-layered masks come in handwoven Sambalpuri cloth with thin cotton lining inside. Comes in 2 styles with string & With elastic. Multiple Designs & Colours are available. Hand Painted Scarves - Cotton Scarves (Gamcha) is hand-painted with Madhubani painting. Every Scarf has a different painting. These scarves have been in use in India for a long time. However, in the current time, it has become a major safety requirement.

Handcrafted Standing Sanitizer Dispenser

This handcrafted standing sanitizer dispenser is a major safety requirement in the current social and commercial setup. These handcrafted metal stands are made by local Iron craft artisans in one of the most innovative products, which not only serves the purpose of safety in current time but also gives a very unique look to the space it is placed. A person using it will surely admire the craftsmanship of this which also supports the local artisans.

Truly Tribal is a rich repertoire of traditional items and has the finest variety of handcrafted Indian & ethnic collections of myriad tribal art forms from all across India. We bring forth inspiring artistic solutions in these times and hope to make a difference and a step towards #AtamaNirbharBharat.

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