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Our Team

We feel immense pride in introducing the support pillar of Truly Tribal without whom we wouldn't have come this far i.e Our team of award-winning artists sans & master craftsmen who are helping to preserve the Art & Culture of our nation, who've received the highest of the honours in their respective fields. Unlike hobby artists, they have received the highest of the honours in their tribal & folk community, and we can also provide a certificate of authenticity vouching for the same, if & when needed.


Apindra Swain

Hailing from the Heritage village of Raghurajpur, in Puri district, Apindra Swain's has more then 25+ years of experience under his belt. His family has been painting for generations. He is credited with bringing this traditional art form a modern twist & bring it into various lifestyle products. He is one of those artist who are willing to experiment, while staying true to its art roots, e.g. Incorporating calligraphy, using different mediums other then canvas , creating fusion ideas incorporating multiple art forms and so on. He also trains various upcoming artists. He has been conducting various art workshop for participants and moved to online ode of instruction during this pandemic.. He wants to have this art form reach much larger reach with people, even with people having modern décor and tastes


Remant Kumar Mishra

Hailing from the Jitwarpur village under the Rahika block of Madhubani district in north Bihar, State Awardee Remant Kumar Mishra is a 4th generation Mithila painting artist. He has travelled around the world for his craft i.e. China, Sri Lanka, Italy and Mauritius as a participant in craft festivals. His masterful paintings adorn walls at various prestigious institutions & corporates and the Government Guest House in Madhubani.
He creates a wide variety of products showcased on this site. In the Covid times, he hit upon an idea to make artistic face masks and his viral posts made him the “Mask Man Of India”


Vijay Joshi

Vijay, the 13th generation practitioner, entered the Shahpura School at the age of 9 where phad painting was taught. This is when he came to terms with his age old family business. He revealed that he found solace in this art form, as if he was specifically chosen to be part of the Joshi family by God. Mr. Vijay Joshi with his immense talent has won many recognitions like the National Merit Award, 2003. He and his Family initiated the idea of the Shahpura School of Phad Art even before Shahpura emerged as a princely state of Rajasthan and devoted their lives to ensure that the enthralling and invaluable Phad painting gets its fair share of recognition in the world of art.  Vijay is internationalising the impact of Phad paintings. He offers workshops to students in and around india. He has institutionalised the existence of the internet for giving workshops online. Apart from Participating in many exhibitions in India & Worldwide and demonstrates this art. He has also Trained more than 1000 students of the national and International Level.  With pandemic, he also collaborated with us for Online workshops.


Kaande Anjanappa

State Awardee, Khande Anjanappa is a 9th generation Tholu Bomablala(Shadow Puppetry from Andhra Pradesh) artist from Nimmalkundta, Ananatpur district in AP. He has followed in his father’s footstep , A shilp Guru in the art form. He is an accomplished artist and has done loads of puppet shows of this art. With changing time he has has adopted to new ways of working and  bringing in innovation to this art by bringing this art form in various products like lamps, paintings, wall hangings & Puppets making etc. 
He has master craftsman who teaches upcoming artists in village as well as hobby artist. With this pandemic, he has been with us conducting various online workshops, apaprt from making customised themes lamps.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-14 at 13.06.50.jpeg

Syed Elyazuddin

Syed Elyazuddin is an accomplished Chennapattana Wooden Toys artist based in Chennapattana, (“The Toy town of India”). What sets him apart is his enterprising zeal to bring this art into non-traditional items. Apart from creating various traditional wooden toys, he uses these techniques to make different lifestyle products like Pen Stand, dinning collection, coasters, fridge magnets, School stationaries, cutlery, dinning collection and many more. He has been instrumental for us in designing old traditional toys in this lacquer wood work.


Sanjay Sangle

An accomplished warli artist, Sanjay Subhash Sangle (fondly known as Sanjay bhau)  is one of those few traditional warli artist who remains true to this art in its original form. From painting on coaster to wall and everything in between, Sanajy bhau is all about spreading the love for warli art. He is a certified warli teacher as well and teach to upcoming artists & in schools as well. During this pandemic he has established himself well in online workshop space, after we trained him to do so, he has been conducting the sessions regularly for loads of setups.

Palm Leaf Artist (4).jpeg

Satya Sai Pipliee Applique

An Accomplished Palm Leaf artist, he and his father as setup a self help group comprising of 40 women in his Village NayakPattna, Puri, Odisha. He is his team primary works in space of Palm Leaf lamp shades, Peepli Lamps shades & Peepli Patchwork (traditional as well as modern style) . These are one of well known traditional art forms of Odisha. We have been working with him & his team from last 2 years to come up with new product conceptualization, while we help them to sell their products and expand their reach.


Dinesh Shyam

One of the traditional Bastar Lauh shilp (Wrought Iron Casting) artist, who has been doing this art since his childhood. He is 4th generation artist in on tis craft and well-established player in this field. He is known to bring lot of contemporary elements in this traditional art work . He has designed from lampshades to life-sized doors to windows to partitions..

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